Equity 101: Engaging Equity

This half-day interactive session is an educational and relational experience that provides a foundational for deeper engagement and ongoing learning related to equity and inclusion work. This beginning journey helps participants understand what equity work is, how it relates to their work and the fundamental knowledge and tools necessary to begin applying it to one’s personal practice. Through a series of creative engagements a level of tone and trust is created that supports authentic sharing and deeper connections across difference.

Engaging and Interrupting Bias

Got bias? Yeah, we all do. But why does it matter and what do we do when we are confronted with our own bias and those of others? This interactive training will help participants to understand what unconscious bias is, why it matters and how to engaging bias in constructive ways that promote ongoing conversation and engagement. We will utilize real-life scenarios to begin to recognize and name bias as it shows up it in our learning and work spaces

Milestones: Moving People, Moving Systems

This journey is for organizations that are committed to the ongoing work of becoming an anti-racist organization. Together we will build the awareness, knowledge and skills to effectively apply a racial equity lens to all aspects of your work. Racism, power, privilege and Whiteness will open the group to the courageous conversations necessary to move people and move systems. This minimum year long process skillfully guides organizational equity leaders to the understanding, skills, strategy and resources needed to build internal capacity for ongoing organizational development. Staff trainings and micro-engagements are tailored to meet the diverse experience and understanding of the group every step of the way.

Every group's journey is unique so contact me to find out how I can tailor a diversity and equity engagement to meet the specific needs of your group!
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It really is about relationships! What individuals or organizations do you know that would benefit from a partnership with me? Help make the connection!
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Maketa is a Seattle based master facilitator and trainer leading organizational development efforts for non-profit, educational, government, and corporate organizations.

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Great flow of the day!  We have been inundated by "diversity" this year, but my experience today brought new life into this process!

Joan H., independent school staff